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About Us

IOGL, offers a formula versus a value.
The offer put IOGL to be the highest and the most sophisticated among the mathematics solvers so far,
an actual move ahead in calculus since Isaac Newton’s, an actual breakthrough.
Without what IOGL’s offer and to solve a differential equation or to carry an integration of which the subject is function of itself and the differential equation may not be classified, classified differential equation

is semi easy to find solution and still always easy numerical wise as known ended with a value where none classified differential equation is not easy to be solved with a classified solution, ordinary differential equation or partial differential equation, also not to mention the order-degree pairing variable, the order is the biggest differentiation and the degree is the biggest power of the differentiation both in the herein equation, sometime for example first order second degree or sometime second order first degree and by the way there is no limit for the order and the degree to have the integers (positive ones for the order though) during satisfying the physical behavior, i.e. there is no way but numerical so far for sure talking using a sophisticated software like for example the MATLAB, i.e. the solution would be figured out as a value represent the case of which the differential equation or the integration is meant to have a solution for, it is something sounds like a dead end with the stop sign unless you go and proceed solving everything numerically and carry it around leaving aside all features and attributes of such formula, of course result in situation where the value is not going to describe any behavior and not going to draw any profile or not being able to proceed derivation and this doesn’t look appropriate at all

So it is up to time to have a formula in order to be able to proceed in derivation.