“A formula versus a value”

Attention this is not a repeated talk, advanced Integration and differential equations solver issuer using a very powerful software, issue a new formula instead of an old value, typically this is meant to offer the upper hand in the engineering media.

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Attention this is not a repeated talk, IOGL, offers a formula versus a value. The offer put IOGL to be the highest and the most sophisticated among the mathematics solvers so far, an actual move ahead in calculus since Isaac Newton’s, an actual breakthrough. Without what IOGL’s offer and to solve a differential equation or to carry an integration of which the subject is function of itself and the differential equation may not be classified, classified differential equation is semi easy to find solution and still always easy numerical wise as known ended with a value where none classified

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Step 1

To the provided address send the requirements

Step 2

Receive a response of pass situation with the further requirement

Step 3

Send the required

Step 4

Receive the issuing formula


In order to have IOGL issue a formula, range of the independent variable in case the integration is the required’s or the independent variable(s) in case of the differential equation and at least one boundary condition for y(x) and Y(x) in case of integration Y(x)=∫y(y,x)dx is the required’s or at least one non-zero-boundary conditions Y(xi) for all the independents xi in case of the differential equation need to be handed in, of course the equation in case of the differential equation or the formula needed to be integrated is needed to handed in too. Keep some boundary or any other condition values to verify the issued formula as verification; and a brief discussion of the related physical case and your contact address are needed to handed in too. These requirements are a must, by the way the more boundary conditions provided the better, for the beginner do not confuse between y and Y.

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