A beak through

A beak through

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A Breakthrough in Quantum Computing

Attention this is not a repeated or usual talk, in engineering design cases walk from phase to phase forward and backward and during this a lot of work is required before settlement with a differential equation or an integration equation which describe such case, being such equation is not solvable but numerically of course that with a lot of precautions is not the destination which was waited for by all costs.

Quantum computing has long been a frontier of technology, promising to revolutionize fields from cryptography to material science. Recently, a groundbreaking development has brought us closer to realizing this potential.

  • The Breakthrough

    Sometimes and during analyses data of function with its argument(s) it seems that the dependent variable varies as fraction or/and negative exponent of some of the argument(s) but the polynomial by which the curve fitting was carried out with most other softwares are positive integers, that why bstcrvftr and mlti softwares are very important, bstcrvftr is for single argument and mlti is for multiple arguments.

  • What Are Topological Qubits?

    Topological qubits leverage the principles of topology—a branch of mathematics dealing with properties preserved through deformations. These qubits store information in a way that is inherently protected from local disturbances, making them far more robust than their conventional counterparts.

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