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1,000,000.00 $

Brief: With evry you can now solve any iterative differential or integral equation DI(xi)(fj({xi},T))=0 for all provided (i independent variable and j function)where DI is the differential integral operator, we mean hear with any i.e. 100% of all differential or integral equations and ends up with T(xi), these available with the smallest required number of points; beside that the software is being unique the output comes with preset powers of arguments might be fraction and/or positive or negative which makes it more unique; because of the solution is custom-analytical-form and non numerical of which you always can make design one more step ahead. software comes with a readme file.

Requirements: In addition to the case descriptors as in evryreadme.txt the input requirements in which the software performs out are:

-value(s) of independent variable(s) for all point(s) needed.

-value(s) of independent and dependent variables for all boundary condition(s) needed iff calculation involves dependent variable,  minimum one boundary point is needed whatever calculation involves dependent variable or not.

-windows 10 and dos prompt.

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